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The Way Home

In her book, Traveling Mercies, Anne Lamott, tells the story of a little 7-year old girl who got lost and couldn't find her home.

She paced up and down the street with tears streaming down her face.

She was lost.

A police officer happened to drive by and saw the anguish of this child. He pulled over and asked what was wrong.

“I can't find my way home," she said. I'm lost." The officer said, "Okay, get in the police car."

Eventually, they came to a building, and the little girl's face lit up. "That's my church. You can let me out right here."

The officer said, "Oh no, I shouldn't let you out here." She said, "O yes. It's safe. That's my church, and I can always find my way home from here."

That’s my church, and I can always find my way home from here. There's so much truth there.

Jesus taught us to pray to "our Father who is in Heaven." That’s a good reminder that our home is with him. Our permanent address isn’t in the here and now.

And yes, we all feel a little lost from time to time, but when we gather as his church to worship our Father, it helps us find our way home.

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